Transfer Pants

Our Story

A Life-Changing Inspiration

In March of 2011 Dr. Milton O’Brien was transferring his 91-year-old mother from a wheelchair to a chair lift. Dr. O’Brien always felt that the transfer was unstable and perilous because there was nothing for him to grab on to. When he lifted his mother and heard the seam of her pants rip he knew there had to be a better and safer way to transfer the mobility challenged.

Dr. O’Brien purchased a gait belt/transfer belt and for several weeks utilized it in moving his mother. He found the belt slid up on her chest and as a licensed chiropractor that understands the biomechanics of the human body especially when it comes to lifting found that the gait belt was not effective and was uncomfortable for both his mother and himself.

After researching devices and alternative apparel to aid in transferring the mobility challenged and coming up short, Dr. O’Brien decided to take matters into his own hands. He grabbed a pair of pants from his closet, a needle and thread and created TransferPants™. Not only does TransferPants™ benefit the mobility challenged but the caregiver as well. Handles are discreetly placed where pockets would be as well as in both the front and back of the pants at the waistband. These handles are sewn on the outside of the pants and into the inside mesh liner. The interior liner acts like a sling taking the weight of the pelvis and biomechanically making the transfer easier on both the individual and the caregiver.