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Transfer Your Loved Ones Easily

High quality unisex pants designed to move disabled persons with improved ease and comfort.

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Transfer Pants are a patient transfer device made with heavy duty nylon handles sewn into the pants and the liner to prevent falls and injuries to mobility challenged individuals.

  • Unobtrusive handles for less strain when transferring
  • Interior liner prevents an uncomfortable “wedgie”
  • Great for rehabilitation, physical therapy and activities of daily living
  • Ideal for mobility challenged individuals with lower extremity weakness and paralysis
  • Skin abrasions and discomfort are less likely

30 Days Guarantee

Comfortable and Functional Design



Customer Testimonials

I am so thankful for your product! My mother has muscular dystrophy and it has been very difficult for my father & I to move her due to her lack of any body strength/muscle. Gettting her in & out of the wheel chair–for example at the hairdressers–was such a burden for the two of us. My father was reluctant until I told him “Dad–you grab that side of the pants handle & back and I’ll take the other side & front handle” and we move her easily. I am so thankful for this product!! I will be buying another one and I was proud to show my mothers’ Occupational & Physical Therapists who had never heard of the product.
– Darnella Williams

Dr. Milton O’Brien

Designer of TransferPants

Inspired to help caregivers move his fragile 91-year-old mother to and from her wheelchair, Dr. Milton O’Brien designed a bio-mechanically pants to accommodate mobility challenged individuals which is now called, TransferPants.

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