Transfer Pants

Save on Work Comp Cost

Greater than one third of back injuries among caregivers are attributed to handling residents—frequent and repetitive transfers increase the likelihood of injury. Muscle sprains, back strains and tears account for approximately 43% of caregiver spinal related injuries. Our goal is to reduce staff turnover and absenteeism, increase productivity, improve employee morale, and increase resident comfort with no cost to you.

TransferPants reduce work-related injuries and workers’ compensation costs by providing a consistent handle—biomechanically placed on the pants residents wear every day. By adding TransferPants to your suggested item list on your company literature your client will benefit and will bear the cost.

Transfer Pants benefits:

  • Gives Caregivers a reliable grip and handle while transferring and assisting patients
  • Allows for more secure lifting and transferring
  • Gait and transfer belts tend to ride up uncomfortably
  • The elastic waistband allows for easier dressing
  • The interior liner has ample room for undergarments or diapers
  • Interior liner prevents an uncomfortable “wedgie”
  • Pant fabric is made from a durable fleece or twill blend
  • Transferpants soft fabric can be worn comfortably all day
  • Machine Washable

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