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“I wanted to pass on to you the good news: my dad finally tried on the pants and has been wearing them during the day nonstop. He seems to like them and from the caregivers point of view they are wonderful. He’s at the point where his balance is really not very good at all and this is allowing somebody to essentially walk next to him and keep him upright.At this point I’d like to get a second pair in the same size…”

– Mike Ackerman

“What a fantastic, wonderful product, incredible. No more gait belt, which was ugly. Male and female caregivers, all are benefiting, makes it easier for both. We’re just in love with this product!”

– Dorothy Nowick, DME Supply

“I am so thankful for your product! My mother has muscular dystrophy and it has been very difficult for my father & I to move her due to her lack of any body strength/muscle. Gettting her in & out of the wheel chair–for example at the hairdressers–was such a burden for the two of us. My father was reluctant until I told him “Dad–you grab that side of the pants handle & back and I’ll take the other side & front handle” and we move her easily. I am so thankful for this product!! I will be buying another one and I was proud to show my mothers’ Occupational & Physical Therapists who had never heard of the product.”

– Darnella Williams

“As my mother-in-law declined in her mental functions, she forgot how to put her feet on the floor. We used to move her from her wheel-chair using what we named “the wedgie transfer” meaning we would grip the sides of her pants and swing her around that way, accomplishing the transfer but resulting in a “wedgie”. TransferPants™ is the perfect answer. We ordered two pair of the sweat-pants which were sized as advertised, warm and soft. They seem very well made and make the idea of transfer feel so much safer and tons more comfortable. Next time I’ll get the denim for summertime. Thank you TransferPants™ for thinking of this!”

– Mari-Jean Phillips-Anderson

“I have found TransferPants™ to be a very great help in moving my wife out of the bed or onto a wheelchair or into a car. She only weighs 110 pounds but she feels like 160 pounds because she resists being moved… I get behind the wheelchair rest her upper body on my forearm and pull the strap on the back part of waist towards me. It only feels like I am lifting 30 pounds instead of 160 pounds. The double layer of the pants prevents “wedgies” from happening when you lift the patient by the pants. TransferPants™ make it easier to lift her and therefore help to prevent back injuries to the staff. ”

– Emmet Monahan

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